Friday, 26 August 2011

) The US Census used to take over 7 years to complete, this process was cut down to 3 months by an invention of a major company. What? Ans: Punching Cards by IBM
2)Started by Italian brothers; part of the brand name means ‘Rock’ in French. Which brand? Ans: Ferrero Rocher
3)Visual. Which brand did he create?Ans Mr. Piruz Khambatta & Rasna
4) This ‘Icon’ was created by Art Paul and got different with the connotation etc. Which icon? Ans: Playboy Bunny
5)some visual on QR Code.
6)Lateral Connect Question on UB Group – Pegasus,Kissan etc
7)Lateral Connect Questions on Petronas- Cesarpelli the architect
8)Clue Round Question on Cathay Pacific (3 clues ) – Chinese Brand Name
9)Clue Round on St. Gobain
10)Some Retail funda tested in supermarkets by French company - Reynolds

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