Friday, 26 August 2011

1. Which premier production unit of Indian Railway is named after a prominent patriot who defended Sir Aurobindo Ghosh in Alipore Bomb Case? Chittaranjan locomotive Works
2. In which magazine did a picture of Coco Chanel’s Little Black Dress first appeared? Vogue
3. Exceptions of the Theory of Golden Arches (MacDonald’s Theory), propounded by Thomas L friedman in The World is Flat.
4. Rajendra Powar has taken over as the CM of which organization? NASSCOM
5. Former adman with Clarion-MacCann; also served as the director of Publicity of Air India (1970-81); designs clothes along with his wife under the label ‘Kotwara’?  Muzaffar Ali
6. Which Indian Sporting celeb is the MD of Big Daddy Productions? Mahesh Bhupaty
7. Junior, Standard, AP and Super are models of _______ from Porsche? Tractors
8. RED (Real Estate Development) is whose initiative?  HDFC
9. Which auto brand was renamed to a name ending in ‘O’ in-line with company policy of naming its brands with words ending in O? Logan, renamed to Verito (Is this even true?? )
10. Management Guru responsible for changing the rule of baseball so Pitchers threw overarm rather than underarm? Frederick Taylor
11. this was founded in 1923 in gorakhpur by Jaya Dayal Goyandka to publish hindu religious texts ? Gita Press
12. An animated character ‘Horatio’ (voiced by Owen Wilson) is set to guided the passenger of? Hertz
13. Facts about Armani Casa. What does ‘Casa’ means in Italian? Home
14. Japanese company that began selling and distributing dutch company Oce’s printing products in India and owns 90% in it. Canon
15. This company launched an online naming competition ‘The Name Game’ inviting customer to name their new logo. ‘Hug’ and ‘Curve’ was voted out. What was chosen? Wave (Airtel’s new logo)
16. Dhoni and yuvraj were shown holding two trophies. Which company designed them? Swarovski
17. Facts about Traf-O-Data. the cofounders? Bill Gates and Paul Allen
18. This beer changed its logo from ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ to ‘That goes for a ______’ Carlsberg.
19. Earl ____, a former DuPont employee founded what? Tupperware.

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