Friday, 26 August 2011

1. Among all the flag bearers for India at the Olympics, only two people have had the honor of holding the flag multiple times. One, is Balbir Singh Sr. who did it both at the 1952 Helsinki Games and the 1956 Melbourne Games.
Who is the other one, who has done it three times?
2.During the 2011 Cricket World Cup, there were only two teams that did not play a national anthem before their matches.
Which two teams?
3. It is a popular betting card game played in Tamil Nadu played by both adults and kids. While the adults bet money, the kids in general stake tamarind seeds, matchbox labels etc.
The objective of the game is to select a card from a fresh deck and determine , whether , the same number of a different suit , falls in the inner or the outer half when the cards are laid out in two stack , one by one. What is the name of the game that has become popular in another field recently?
4. In the 1811 edition of his chess treatise, Johann Allgaier introduced the 0-0 symbol. He used two variants of the symbol, “0-0r” and “0-0l”.
What did this symbol denote? And what are the two variants?
5. The center of percussion is the point on an object where a perpendicular impact will produce translational and rotational forces which perfectly cancel each other out at a pivot point, so that the pivot will not be moving after the impulse.
With respect to sports, how is the centre of percussion commonly known as?
6. When Genoa won the Italian Serie A for a 9th time in the 1923-24 season, they decided to reward and celebrate themselves as champions by adding something to their jersey. This practice has been followed ever since.
a) What did Genoa add to their jersey?
b) What term originated thus?
7. During the 2007 Indian tour of England, only one person in the Indian team scored a century in the Test Series. Who?

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