Friday, 26 August 2011

1. Which was the first Goan football team to win the National Football League?
Ans. Salgaokar
2. In 2010, Forbes Magazine described Manmohan Singh as “India’s best Prime
Minister since _______________.” Fill in the Blanks.
Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru
3. In which superhero comic will you find the line – “With great power, comes
great Responsibility?”
Ans. Spiderman
4. In the IPL, which animal is depicted in the Pune Warriors logo?
Ans. Horse
5. Which was the 1st planned city of the Mughals?
Ans. Fatehpur Sikri
6. In the Mahabharata, who formed the Chakravyuha where Abhimanyu was
Ans. Dronacharya
7. The original name of which Union Territory means a New Village/Settlement
in Tamil?
Ans. Puducherry
8. Camp, Golf, Polo and Half are popular types of? Options: Shirts, Trousers,
Ans. Shirt
9. In 2010, MF Hussain became a citizen of which Arab Emirate?
Ans. Qatar
10. On which day does South Korea celebrate its Independence day?
Ans. 15th August
11. Around the Indian Ocean, this natural phenomenon is called a ‘Tropical
Cyclone.’ What is it known as in the Northeast Pacific Ocean?
Ans. Hurricane
12. Which of the following Cats does NOT roar? Options: Cheetah, Leopard,
Ans. Cheetah
13. Which is the most abundant and widely used solvent in the world?
Ans. Water (H2O)
14. What was awarded to Bhagwan Das in 1955, Purushottam Tandom in 1962
and Vaman Kane in 1963?
Ans. The Bharat Ratna
15. Which country released the world’s first 3-D Postage stamp? Options: UK,
Bhutan, India.
Ans. Bhutan

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